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Our modern menu manages to feature timeless dishes reminiscent of childhoods and home comforts, prepared from the beautiful seasonal produce harvested from the organic kitchen garden, just footsteps from the Chef’s bench. However, it’s the 6 meter long timber counter heaving with the likes of homemade wagon wheels, musk sticks, giant meringue clouds & bountiful pastries that really act as the ‘heart’ of our beautiful space.

Café Menu

We believe in sustainable local produce so our menu has been designed to give you a taste of our homegrown goodness.

Kick Starters

Bloody Mares – Starts as favourite! 14,5
Mimosa – Sparkling wine and organic orange juice 13,5
Bellini – Sparkling w/ peach nectar 13,5
PIMMS No 1 cup 14,0 / jug 45,0

Fresh Juice (any one – 8,0)

“Green Goddess” Green tea, kiwi, spinach, 
honeydew and ginger
“Mellow Yellow” Mango, banana, activated brazil nuts, 
turmeric and coconut water
“Black & Blue” Blueberries, banana, acai, 
coconut water and basil
“Tickled Pink” Watermelon, strawberries, rose, 
mint and coconut yoghurt

Toasts of the Town

Sourdough / multigrain / GF bread / fruit toast / croissant or pain au choc 
with either vegemite, honey, nutella or jam 8,0

Light Weight

Freshly cut seasonal fruit salad 9,0

add organic yoghurt or coconut yoghurt 12,0
COMO Bircher, organic yoghurt, apple, blueberries and honey 16,0
Paleo granola, coconut yoghurt and red fruits 18,0
“Tropicana Diva”, verbena scented tapioca pudding, 
fresh mango, passion fruit and coconut 16,0

Stables Favourites…

Warm banana bread, stone fruit compote, 
maple mascarpone 17,5
3 egg mushroom and baby spinach omelette, 
truffle pecorino 19,0
Triple cheesy toast 12,0 embellished with apricot and 
ginger chutney or gypsy ham 14,0 or both (go both!) 15,0
Corn and zucchini fritters, roasted tomatoes, 
bacon and herby ricotta 18,0
Slow baked eggs, forest mushrooms, buttered leeks, 
Brie and pangrattato 17,0 add prosciutto 20,0
The Gardener’s Breakfast, poached free-range eggs (2), 
grilled bacon, avocado, roasted tomato and mushrooms 
on toast 20,0

Eggs à la carte

Poached, rumbled or fried 10,5

Gluten free bread (add to dish) 2,0
Extra egg / extra toast / roasted tomatoes 4,0
Double smoked bacon / gypsy ham / mushrooms / 
avocado / Persian feta 6,0
Our own smoked salmon 7,0

Stable Lunch-ables

“Salad Caprese”, Giorgio’s buffalo mozzerella, 
heirloom tomatoes warm from the vine, basil, olive toast 20,0
Smoked salmon classically garnished – soft boiled egg, 
capers, crème fraiche, dill and rye 20,0
Roasted barra, crushed saffron potatoes, zucchinis and squashes from the garden 29,0
Happy chicken pot pie, tarragon, baby leeks and carrots, 
buttery pastry 26,0
Braised lamb, “peas ‘n’ beans” rigatoni and pecorino 26,0
Ancient grain salad, roasted cauliflower, goats curd, pomegranate and crispy shallots 23,0


COMO Jnr – Ham and cheese toasty 8,0
South Ruben – Pastrami, gruyere, beetroot sauerkraut 
and hot mustard mayo on rye 15,0
Pony Club – Smoked chicken, bacon, cream cheese, 
tomato and baby spinach…giddy up! 15,0
Roasted Vegetable Baguette – Zucchini, capsicum, 
rocket and feta with pesto dressing 13,0
Croque Jockey – Ham, caramelized onion, cheesy, 
mustardy béchamel. Classic… almost 14,0
Happy Chook and “Waldorf” Salad with blue cheese mayo 
on multi grain 16,0
COMO Steak Sambo – Beef, grilled portabello mushroom, 
our heirloom beets, Persian feta, rocket 20,0

COMO chop salad 8,0
Potato salad 8,0
Fries 8,0

Friendly salad 8,0

Sorry no changes to the menu or split bills on weekends or public holidays. A surcharge of 10% applies on public holidays.
Thank you

Drinks Menu

Morning Darlings

Bloody Mares – Starts as favourite! 14,5
Mimosa – Sparkling wine and organic orange juice 13,5
Bellini – Sparkling w/ peach nectar 13,5
PIMMS No 1 cup 14,0 / jug 45,0

Allpress Espresso

Regular 3,8 | Large 4,8 | Soy + 1,0


Larsen & Thompson Loose Leaf Tea 3,8
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemongrass + Ginger, Jasmine Pearl, Chamomile, Peppermint

Calmer Sutra, Chai latte 5,0

A Splash of Wine

Sparkling / Champagne
NV Salatin Prosecco, Veneto, Italy 9,0 gls 46,0 btl
NV GH. Mumm Brut, Reims, France, 750ml 85,0 btl

The Stables Daily White 8,5 gls
2013 Mister Fox, Sauvignon Blanc, VIC, Australia 9,0 gls 38,0 btl
2013 La Zona, Pinot Grigio, VIC, Australia 10,0 gls 44,0 btl

2014 Logan Apple Tree Flat, Rosé, NSW, Australia 9,0 gls 38,0 btl

The Stables Daily Red 8,5 gls
2013 Woods & Matthews, Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Australia 10,0 gls 40,0 btl
2011 Domaine du Salut, Cabernet Merlot, Bordeaux, France 63,0 btl

Beer + Cider
Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Milan, Italy 8,5
4 Pines Pale Ale, NSW, Australia 8,5
Endless Apple Cider, VIC, Australia 8,0
Corona, Mexico City, Mexico 9,0

Cold Drinks

Milkshakes 7,5 / Kids Milkshake 4,0
Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Fresh Strawberry, Vanilla Bean

San Pellegrino Sml 3,5 Lge 7,0
Acqua Panna Sml 3,5
Cocobella Coconut Water 5,0
Organic Orange or Apple Juice 4,5

CAPI Soft Drinks 5,0
Cola, Lemon, Blood Orange, Ginger Beer, Cranberry

Dessert Menu

Stables Favourites…

Raspberry + Pistachio Teacake (gf) 6,5
Red Velvet Lamington 6,0
Caramel Slice 5,0
Daily Muffin 4,5
Scones + Chantilly cream + Bonne Maman Jam – Half 5,5 | Full 8,0

Noîsette Pastries…

Croissant 4,5
Pain au chocolat 4,4
Hot crossed bun 5,0


DIY Mocha | Chocolate Sphere 12,5
Nutella S’more Hot Chocolate 6,0
Brownmills Organic Cold Brew 4,5

Cakes and More…

Turkish delight cheesecake 6,0
Caramel ANZAC Slice 5,0
Assorted vegan cakes 5,5
Chocoholics mud cake 6,0
Homemade Musk Stick 1,9
Lemon + Blueberry Sponge (gf) 5,0
Chocolate Freckle 3,0
Lemon and Lime Syrup Cake 5,0
Belgian Chocolate + Macadamia Brownie (gf) 5,0
VoVo cupcake 6,0
Fig + Ginger Cake 6,0
Dark chocolate pistachio tart 6,5
Polenta + Mandarin 6,0
Unicorn cupcake 7,0
Bistro Morgans assorted doughnuts 6,0

Chocolate and peanut butter skillet cookie,
topped with vanilla bean ice cream,
chocolate sauce + salted caramel sauce 12,0

Cheese board 20,0

Cocktails Menu

Espresso Martini

Grey Goose vodka, Kahlúa + Allpress Espresso 19,0
add Stables salted caramel 1,0

Aperol Spritz

Salatin Prosecco, Aperol + fresh orange 20,0


Mount Gay Silver Rum, fresh mint from the garden, Indonesian raw sugar + lime 19,0

Gin Germain

Four Pillars Gin
elderflower liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice + fresh passionfruit 19,0